The Art of the Third Piece: Transform Your Look with Coats


I remember that there was a time where I looked at buying and wearing a coat as more of an annoyance. To me, they used to be another layer that I had to deal with and figure out how to store when I took it off. It wasn't until I started to actually incorporate coats into my outfits as my 'third piece' that I actually saw that coats were not only functional in cooler weather, but they can make or break your outfit. 

Get into how coats are an essential part of your wardrobe in cooler weather and how to make a statement with them as your functional outfit's 'third piece':


1. Importance of a Coat as a Third Piece in an Outfit:

If you haven't heard of a styling concept called the "third piece", it is all about adding depth to an outfit by adding an element beyond your top and bottom. It is essential to pulling your outfit together to create a polished and complete look. A coat as your third piece in cooler weather is a great way to leverage something that you have to wear anyway and to have fun with your fall and winter looks.


2. Different Styles of Coats and Their Impact:

Different coats create different vibes for your outfit. They can either elevate an outfit or toughen an outfit up a little for a more casual streetwear vibe. Recently, we've been obsessed with pairing our mini sweater dress with our maxi coats - the different layers and proportions make this look feel more elevated, chic, and practical for the cooler weather.


Maxi Coat


3. Tips for Choosing the Right Coat:

Choosing the right coat is essential to your comfort and how you pair it with some of your outfits as your 'third piece'. I recommend choosing a coat first based on your body to ensure that you are comfortable with the fit and the silhouette that it will ultimately create. Once you nail down what type of coat will create the best silhouette for your body type, now it's time to play with how many outfits you can pair with it as the 'third piece'. The more outfits that the coat can be used as a 'third piece' the better. 

We recommend starting with an essential wool (or wool blend) maxi coat and then adding more statement coats​.

Teddy Maxi Coat


Final Thoughts:

Adding a 'third piece' to your outfit is like adding the finishing touches to your living room. It can be used to create a vibe and to complete your look. A coat is an easy 'third piece' because you have to wear a coat anyway. And so, why not leverage it and make it work for your outfit beyond keeping you warm? 'Third pieces' can also be accessories, including hats, scarves, shoes, and jewelry. 


Get into our coats to add as your outfit's 'third piece'

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