#BLANKWoman Feature: Meet Nadine



A #BLANKWoman is unapologetic, lives her life to the fullest and takes her place in this world seriously. Nadine is an educator, author, and entrepreneur with a passion for empowering black women to travel. 



1. What do you do? 

I am the principal author and founder of The Traveling Black Women Network


2. How did you get your start? 

I started back in 2015 after I attended a writing workshop. One of the panelists, who was also a friend of mine, advised me to write about my recent travels living abroad. Although I liked her idea, I was more concerned that so many women around me were hesitant about traveling outside of the country. So, I decided to take part of her advice and write a guide that would encourage other Black Women to travel.  


3. What do you use for motivation - why do you do what you do?

I read and meditate. I've read nearly all of Brene Brown's books, The Alchemist, The Four Agreements, The Secret, and a few others to help me stay focused on pulling my inspiration and motivation from within. This allows me to be vulnerable enough to continuously step outside of my comfort zone without seeking validation from others. Meditation helps because it allows me the opportunity to listen to my thoughts without too much outside noise. Sometimes I prefer guided meditations from YouTube to help me refocus on my goals. Since I've put more trust in myself and my own skill set through reading and meditating, I feel like I have more control over my own life. 


4. How does what you do impact the community? 

What I do focuses largely on the Black female community. I believe that travel allows us to remove the confines and limitations of the mind. Therefore, I see the TBW Network as a tool to empower women to experience something bigger than themselves in a way that opens up their world view. As their world view changes, so will their quality of life. 


5. What’s next for you on you? What dream are you pursuing?  

Currently, I have two major dreams that I am pursuing. 

I would like to have travel guides published for every major city specifically for Black women. Our experience is different, and it's so important that we understand it from that lens. Ultimately I would love to rival Fodor's and Lonely Plane. In other words, I would like to be the Ebony/Essence of Travel Guides to their Vogue/Cosmopolitan of Travel Guides! LOL! Currently, I am working on the release of 5 guides this summer. Each guide is written by different a Traveling Black Woman.

Secondly, as a former educator, I would love to start taking students abroad. It is important for me to show children of color what is possible when they so often hear what is not.


6. What makes you unapologetic? 

My motives are pure. I look around and I see some people do awesome things and then as I learn more, I am disappointed by their motives. It is important for me to encourage others and see them walk in their greatness. Therefore, I'm unapologetic because when it's my turn, I obtained my success honestly. In a world of shortcuts, that's a really proud feeling for me. 


7. How would you describe your style? 

Cute and casual. I love a good romper! They can easily be dressed up or down and packs easily for traveling.  


8. What is your favorite thing about BLANKWardrobe? 

The neutral colors! For example, I have a gray sweater that I purchased at one of the first pop-up shops that I have worn to death! It goes so well with everything. Easily dressed up or down (which is always a plus for me when I'm trying to do multiple types of events in one day). 


9. How do you leverage your style in your personal and professional brand? 

For me, it's one and the same. It's important for me to be and feel authentic, so I want my style to feel that way. Wherever I am I want to convey cute, relaxed, and approachable.


10. What do you have in your wardrobe that is a staple for you? 

Rompers! LOL! I can get several different looks from one romper and they are extremely comfy!! 




Be sure to check out Nadine here: Facebook and Instagram. You can get even more info about Nadine and her company here on her website: https://www.travelingblackwomen.com/.

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