#BLANKWoman Feature: Meet Gamola

Gamola is wearing our Henley dress.


Each month, we will feature a woman that we feel is representative of the #BLANKWoman. These women are making moves in their careers and making an impact on their communities and we'd like to honor them with a shout out to let them know that we see and appreciate them.


A #BLANKWoman is unapologetic, lives her life to the fullest and takes her place in this world seriously. For our first feature, we reached out to Gamola. Gamola is not only a loyal BLANKWardrobe customer, but she's also an epidemiologist with the federal government and a Lieutenant Commander in the uniformed services. She's committed to making sure that our food isn't making us sick.



1. What do you do? How did you get your start?

I am an epidemiologist with the federal government. I’m also a Lieutenant Commander in the uniformed services. After studying public health in graduate school, my career path has been a natural progression into the practice of epidemiology in the government setting. The content of what I study (i.e., environment, water quality, behavioral health, or food safety) may change but the core function of studying the health effects of that topic in a population has always stayed the same.

2. What do you use for motivation - why do you do what you do?

I’ve always had an interest in helping others and knew public health was the best way I could help others and make a difference in the world. I use the fact that the work I do helps millions of people in some way as motivation to continue this work. I also think about my family and how if I didn't do what I do, they could be impacted.

3. How does what you do impact the community?

I work in food safety in which the mission is to ensure the nation's commercial food supply is wholesome and labeled properly. The work I do has practical implications on the nation’s food safety.  When we investigate illness outbreaks, our goal is to limit the number of people getting sick and prevent illnesses in the future.

4. What’s next for you on you? What dream are you pursuing?

The possibilities are limitless…I am working to become an expert in food safety and certified in environmental health and safety. I’m always seeking ways to contribute to public health. At some point in the future, I plan to use the more creative side of my brain make a difference in the world and somehow connect that with public health.

5. What makes you unapologetic?

I’m living my life without regrets.  Accepting the wins. Learning from the losses. Praying every day that I am the woman God has me to be at this time in my life. It's a been process to get to this point in life - unapologetic - but I'm thankful in here.

6. How would you describe your style?

This is an interesting question. If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, I would have said conservative, classic, and simple. My current style is in transition and I’m adding trendier pieces, brighter colors, and patterns.  When not in uniform, I’m in a variety of looks from comfortable, casual in chucks to a more glam look in heels (the comfortable kind).

7. What is your favorite thing about BLANKWardrobe?

BLANKWardrobe provides pieces that can be foundational and offer a simple casual look or can be elevated to be more glam.  I appreciate the affordability of the pieces and that most items would look amazing on any body type.

8. How do you leverage your style in your personal and professional brand?

Because I wear a uniform at work and have to abide by grooming regulations that strip one of individual style, it's difficult to leverage my personal style in the professional setting.

9. What do you have in your wardrobe that is a staple for you?

I like multi-functional clothes…Items I can layer, wear casually, or for a night on the town. I also like denim whether it’s a jumpsuit, dress, or shirt.  I love a good faux leather black moto jacket. I’m not a big accessory person but I like large, simple, gold hoops too.


Gamola wearing our Anays Striped Romper



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