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Erin On Demand


A #BLANKWoman is unapologetic, lives her life to the fullest and takes her place in this world seriously. Erin Winters is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, social media influencer, and creative director who has a passion for helping entrepreneurs tell their stories to help grow their businesses. 




What do you do?


I am a digital marketer and a creative director for Erin On Demand, which is a digital marketing and video production company. I help entrepreneurs tell their stories. I help them with their social media strategy, build more engagement with their audiences, and I help them target their audiences. So, I help them get a refined audience that can truly fall in love with them and their story, and the purpose of their business. So, yes, that's in a nutshell what I do.


What do you use for your motivation? What is your why?


I've always had a drive to have more and to be more and to set a higher standard. I want to be the first one in my family to be a millionaire. That's something important to me because I want my children and my children's children to want to have financial freedom and to let my family know it's possible. And so that is a huge thing for me is breaking barriers that I feel like are placed on me. I want to break certain barriers for myself and for my family and for my future.


How does what you do impact your community?


That's a good question. The most impact that I'm able to offer is through my YouTube channel, which I talk about entrepreneurship and branding. So many people are super inspired by watching my journey, but also from the content and the value that I'm able to provide so that if people can't afford to be a part of my membership club or if they can't afford to hire me to actually do their strategy, I'm providing value to the community so you can do it on your own


What is your overarching dream?


That's a really hard question. Only because over the past year my business has shaped up to be something that when I started, I had no idea what it would turn into. So, the biggest thing for me is that I know how I want to feel when I get to that point: I want to feel pure joy. I want to be able to just focus on only the things that I'm an expert at. Like right now, I'm doing everything pretty much for my business. I don't want to be doing that even a year from now. I'm very good at the following joy and knowing like, okay, I need to keep going with this in this direction with this project, but I need to redirect in other ways because doing this doesn't feel right for me anymore. So, I'm very in tune with my feelings and my emotions when it comes to navigating my business. And I think that that's something that a lot of people don't talk about. But it's really important, just like what you do. You can get into entrepreneurship and think you want to go one way and then you start going in that direction and realize, "Actually, I don't really like this."


So, for me, I would say just in general, a really big goal would be to have media partners and to be a correspondent for different companies that I think embody what I embody. Like, O Magazine and Blavity. I want to create content on different platforms as well that encourages entrepreneurship, productivity, or mindfulness. I love being on camera. So, if I can eliminate a lot of the other things I do and teach and be on camera, for the most part, that's the direction that I can see myself going in and then all of the other things are being managed by a team.



Erin On Demand


What makes you unapologetic?


I think it takes time to become unapologetic. I have always been myself and I've always been true to who I am. And I think that the best way to be unapologetic is to know who you are because I find that a lot of people who overly apologize in general when you think about people who are like, I'm sorry I'm e-mailing you back an hour later, you know, just like apologizing for everything. I feel like there's a level of insecurity there. And so, I say that the first thing is that I know who I am, and I know whose I am. And so that is super important to me. The second thing is that I have never compromised any of my morals or my beliefs. I just feel okay with going against the grain. I do not try to be like anybody else. And I think that is why I've been able to see the success that I have because I'm just me. That authenticity really helps you be unapologetic. And then when you do that and you are completely yourself, you get the recognition like, oh, my gosh, thank you. I've never heard anybody, you know, or I connect with you on this level because of you X, Y, and Z. That’s what really helps build a community and help you to be more empowering when you just know yourself. So, yeah, I would say that's why I'm unapologetic.


How would you describe your style?

My style is kind of boho chic, but also modern. It's like a mixture of comfy, boho, and kind of slouchy, but also modern and put together. I try not to be too boho-y and mixy matchy, but I also like things well-tailored and I like to keep it simple. I'm trying to get away from so many crazy patterns or crazy things that you wear one time.


What would be a staple piece in your wardrobe?

I want to say a good blazer, but I also want to say a good purse. So, it's between a good blazer and a good purse. Now, I'm so faithful to a nice tote bag because I feel like I can just fit so many things in them.


What is your favorite thing about BLANKWardrobe?


My favorite thing is you, Venus. I think a lot about a company is in its owner. And just sensing the passion and how you want to expand it and do more than just clothing. I think that that's very cool and so remarkable to know that it's more to you than just clothing because clothing is so much more than just buying something. It makes you feel some type of way. And just like pushing the empowerment and the confidence for women and girls and even you doing this, taking the time to feature people on your site. I think that's really cool.


How do you leverage your style in your personal and professional brand?


The way that I kind of leverage it is I like to keep it simple and comfortable and I want people to know that I care about how I look. I really like fashion. So, what I wear is becoming part of my brand. That’s the first thing people see. I take time on it before I leave the house. I’m like, “Ok, Erin. If somebody sees you that follows you are you going to be okay with them wanting to take a picture with you looking like this?” Those are things that I have to consider before I walked out the door. So, having a wardrobe and having a comfortable, but cute style is important to me because now that I'm becoming more of a public figure, I have to make sure that I look the part.



Erin On Demand


Want to learn more about Erin? 

Learn more about her business here:  https://erinondemand.com/.

Follow her journey and get great business tips on her youtube: youtube.com/erinondemand and follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/erinondemand.

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