#BLANKWoman Feature: Ann Mashburn

Ann Mashburn

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Meet Ann Mashburn of The Mashburn brand, that includes her husband Sid Mashburn. The married duo are the owners behind a women's and men's lifestyle concept boutique in several cities in the United States, with their Atlanta, GA location being their flagship store.

Described by several publications as an "icon of southern fashion", Ann started her journey in fashion in New York in editorial with Glamour and Vogue where tearsheets were commonplace in her work. Of course, Ann didn't just look at these as just tearsheets. She approached tearsheets like she approached fashion: they represented who she wanted to be for the day. "For me, personal style starts with imagination: who do I want to be and how do I want to dress? Inside out, so to speak," mentioned Ann in a write up that she did with gardenandgun.com.

Fast forward to today and we can see that this has served her well. Ann and her husband Sid have become synonymous with Atlanta's fashion design and retail scene. Ann's namesake shop, Ann Mashburn was founded in 2010 Midtown Atlanta in the Westside Provisions district (my favorite area in the city) offering upscale accessories, shoes, and apparel. Outside of the expertly curated pieces mixed in with pieces that she created, the thing that stood out to me about her shop was the layout.

Ann Mashburn

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Ann's boutique is attached to her husband's men's shop along with their concept space called Mashburn that houses their coffee shop and kids store. The boutique felt inviting and just comfortable, to keep it plain with its design and the people who work there. People seemed happy to be there and it showed. In several interviews, Ann mentions her commitment to having a close staff and how she looks at them as family. Well, this isn't lost on us.

Ann Mashburn

Ann is a #BLANKWoman because of her unapologetic work in providing fashion and style in a way that meets her customers. Despite any trends, Ann keeps the people first and it exudes in her offerings and in the layout of her store. Also, she's not done. Her and her husband are looking to continue to take the fashion world by storm. We love her ambition and hustle. 


Check out Ann Mashburn online.

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