Meet BLANKWardrobe's Founder

Meet BLANKWardrobe's Founder

There is this thing about being anonymous. Believe it or not, not all business owners want to be in the spotlight. Especially if their brand is all about the people that they serve or about building a community. Well, that is partly my story. In a weird way. Before I started BLANKWardrobe, I was and continue to be a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. And as what is typical of being a blogger in this space, you are the center of attention because you are the brand. In fact, brands want to work with you because of the uniqueness that you bring to whatever product or service that they’re offering. I got used to and enjoyed being in that space – talking about brands from my perspective and sharing it with my audience in a way that I knew that they would want to receive it. This became a bit different once I decided to build a brand that sold goods and services of its own.

It’s different because although BLANKWardrobe represents part of me, I don’t want the focus to be about me or even what I necessarily like. It’s for the woman who is similar to me in a lot of ways, but uniquely them. That’s the community that my brand represents. So, then the question is. Who am I? For many of you this will be a reintroduction and for many of you this will be a formal introduction. Let’s back up and start from the beginning.

My name is Venus, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan (proper) currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I am talented and have spent most of my professional career as a communications and marketing professional, which explains a lot of the work that I am able to offer and do in house for both of my brands. My first love, though, has always been fashion. Even before I realized it, which is kind of freaky when I reflect on certain pivotal moments in my life.

While I have had many experiences, the call to entrepreneurship within fashion has been a constant even though I didn’t really realize it. This has been the driving force for me to create my blog, Pinkklipstick and then BLANKWardrobe. I love almost everything about having a boutique, from building the website, taking photos of the inventory, managing the inventory, down to tying the ribbons on each and every order that we ship out – I know that one day I won’t be able to be this hands-on so I really do try to enjoy each moment that I am able to do so.

Beyond anything, and the big why behind what I do, especially with BLANKWardrobe and Pinkklipstick is to empower and inspire women to be confident in their dreams and goals and go after them. To not only wish for them to happen but to take active steps to make their dreams possible because they can do it. I also love spending time with my husband and family including my chihuahua Chanel (r.i.p. to my first furbaby, Snoop), working out, and eating. I love a good bright pink, but I love the confidence that a simple black and white piece will offer to anyone’s wardrobe. And while sometimes I have my moments of doubts and fear, overall I am enjoying my life journey with all of the hats that I wear one day at a time.

Now that we have a semi-formal introduction out of the way, I’ll be sharing my entrepreneurship journey with you all. Be sure to follow me on social media since that is where it will all be primarily going down (@iamvmil on Instagram). Thank you for your support. I look forward to being on this journey with you all!

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